Online Dating for the Baby Boomer

2014 brings a milestone for the last of the baby boomers.  In 2014 the youngest baby boomers, born in 1964, will turn 50-years-old.  As a baby boomer myself, I found myself single after 23 years of marriage. I didn’t drink and most of my friends disappeared after the divorce, I didn’t have many hobbies or a social life because my life had been dedicated to raising my children, working a full-time job and being married.  So where does someone like me meet someone to go out with on a date?  I’d heard about online dating but wondered how I would choose which site to go on, what is the cost, how do I write a profile and how do I upload a photo?  As an “experienced online dater” I would like to share how online dating works.  Also, friends of mine who are baby boomers, are looking to meet someone or have tried online dating and have stories to share.  Some funny, some scary, and there are even a few success stories.

Some of the more popular sites are e-Harmony, Match, Plenty of Fish, OkCupid, ChristianSingles, and the most recent to be added in my county is SonomaCountyDating.  There are many, many more so if these don’t appeal to you, just type single dating or online dating into your search engine and you will have lots of choices.

I must say, online dating is not for the faint of heart!  If you have any issues with low self-esteem or rejection you might want to get some counseling before you venture into online dating.  You are entering a virtual world and people can, and do behave badly.  I haven’t seen a book of etiquette describing how you should behave but someone should write one because just because people can hide behind a computer screen shouldn’t give them an excuse to be rude. You might email someone and never get a reply, have someone email you that you wouldn’t want to respond to, and people can and do lie about their age, marital status, income, and post outdated pictures.  That being said, I have always told the truth about my age and always posted a recent picture.  I figure if someone is going to lie about themselves on their profile how can you trust anything they say.

This is the digital age and if you are not technically savvy, don’t use social media, and don’t own a smart phone, this can all seem very daunting.  The Good News is YOU CAN DO IT!

Next week we will discuss how to get started.  In the meantime, check out some of these sites:;;  You can register for free by creating a username and password.  Do some window shopping and check back for instructions on developing your profile, uploading a photo, how much to pay, and red flags you should watch out for.   Here is npr’s take on computer matchmaking. Online Dating’s Siren Song



4 comments on “Online Dating for the Baby Boomer

  1. Love your photo! Very fun, great spirit, and your blog is off to a great start. Well written, grammatically satisfying, and informationally sound, I am looking forward to following it. I also found myself single after a long-term marriage of 25 years and decided to enter the online dating world about two years ago. You have accurately portrayed the situation! Great job.


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