Spring Is Here; First Date Ideas


I love Spring!  The tulips, daffodils and Irises are all in bloom.  And it is a great time to find love.  Think of the movie Bambi.  It’s a time to be twitterpated. http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/twitterpated  So, if you are wondering where to meet someone for a first date I can make some recommendations.  There are some really great places in Sonoma County to have first dates, especially now that Spring has arrived.  You can meet for “coffee” at Starbucks, Peets, Aroma Roasters, or SoCo, or you can meet at Spring Lake, Annadel or Howarth Park for a walk around the lake.  These can be a sort of “meet and greet.”  If you hit it off, great!  Then you can make a dinner or movie date.  If not, everyone can go their separate ways.  I learned the hard way that a lengthy first date with someone who isn’t a match can be excruciating.

However,  a first date with someone who is a match can last an entire day.  Don’t forget to explore the coast (if you have established a good rapport.) Two of my favorite beaches for walking and talking (and holding hands) are Salmon Creek, just outside of Bodega Bay, and Stinson in Marin.  Both of these beaches have limited parking so get an early start and make a day of it!!!!

Here is a YouTube video of Downtown Santa Rosa with some first date ideas: http://youtu.be/WCitf5QABMc


10 comments on “Spring Is Here; First Date Ideas

  1. First dates can be very stressful. You might want to check out a series I did on my blog called Ten Great First Dates. 🙂 Love the daffodils. It will be awhile before they come up here. We still have lots of snow.
    Thought your video was a cool idea. 🙂


  2. Awesome! The best first dates are the ones outdoors indeed! I have always stayed away from coffe shops as they tend to be too loud for me. What about Farmers Markets? Ohh.. You never know, maybe you find out the other person loves Heirloom Tomatoes just as much as you! #recipeforlove

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  3. Great suggestions! It truly is a great season to get out there and explore together. I’ve found that hikes are at the top of my list, seeing that I love the outdoors, and it allows you both to have fun and laugh, show each other the ‘real’ you. #cs5711


  4. You are absolutely correct, being stuck with someone where there is no chemistry is painful. I find coming up with exciting and fun ideas for a first date that do not last longer than, say, an hour or two, is limited. Coffee is a perfect, especially if one is not doing the bar scene.
    Your video was a great idea; for the online dater, not knowing their geographic lay out, it illustrates what the downtown looks like. Your should add a few more locations in to your blog. I think it could catch on.
    Daters are always looking for ideas, but dislike flying blind.

    Love the blog, lifts the veil on the subject.


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